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Babe (193)
Babe (193)


Babe (193)
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We've seen some pretty out-there happenings this fashion month, in New York, London and Milan.
And Paris certainly had its share of eye-popping beauty looks, unexpected calamities (Balenciaga's breaking bench) and star-studded front rows (hello, Kanye). So, how did the City of Lights measure up?
Here are our nominees for the most outrageous ...
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11 little things make a woman very comfortable kee

breast is a breast-feeding function,[url=]Three symptoms indicate your breasts will suffer keep health[/url], function and unique sexy symbol of female beauty as one of the organs, beautiful and healthy breasts to make the dream of every woman.

a, changes in eating habits
the use of low-fat high-fiber diet, eating cereal (), vegetables and legumes fibers.
two regular rooms
Gently massage the breasts, excess fluid can go back to the lymphatic system. Massage,[url=]cheap hockey jerseys,wholesale nhl jerseys[/url], the first soap applied to the breast, rotate your fingers along the breast surface, round about the size of a coin. Then hand pressed into the breast and then bounce,[url=]Five reasons most likely to lead to breast cancer, keep heal[/url], which prevent breast discomfort has great benefits.
three, wearing a firm bra
In addition to preventing breast sagging bra,[url=]Nodular hyperplasia need surgery right Keep healthy net _ Wo[/url], but more important is to prevent breast nerves are oppressed further oppression,[url=]How to make your breasts firmer keep healthy net _ Women[/url], eliminate discomfort. Careful sisters will find that those athletes wearing jogging bra is this solid health reasons.
Fourth, avoid diuretics
Diuretics does help liquid discharge in the body, but also can reduce the breast. But the immediate relief needs to pay the price. Excessive use of diuretics can cause potassium loss, destruction electrolyte balance, as well as affect the formation of glucose.
five, do not eat salty sausage
high-salt foods easy to make breasts swell, 7 to 10 days before menstruation particular should avoid such foods.
six, try hot
fomentation is a traditional Chinese medicine, is available, thermos or hot baths and other ways to alleviate breast pain. If using cold, heat alternating method to eliminate breast discomfort would be better.
seven against
For obese women,[url=]cheap hockey jerseys,wholesale nhl jerseys[/url], weight loss will help ease breast swelling and pain.
eight, with a dressing chest
Castor oil contains a lymphocyte function can enhance t11 material, this cell can accelerate the recovery of various infections, removal of pain. Method is: the castor oil drops on folded into four cotton, let stained castor oil, but not too wet,[url=]To use less breast health care cosmetics keep healthy net _[/url], so around trickle. This spreads the breast cloth, layers of plastic film, and put on a hot bag. The heat pack you can stand the heat transferred, you can apply one hour.
nine uptake
diet should consume rich in vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin b group food. These vitamins help regulate prostaglandin e manufacture, while eating margarine, hydrogenated fats because of which can interfere with the body of essential fatty acids (from food) into linoleic acid y- (gia) the ability to promote the gia e formation of prostaglandins, thereby inhibiting prolactin production.
ten, away from coffee
is causing breast discomfort? Has not yet been confirmed. However, according to medical survey found that many benign breast pain and other symptoms, women abstain from caffeine after symptoms have significantly improved. Therefore, you have to fully quit coffee, that is to right soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream, tea, and caffeinated painkillers so completely give up hope.
eleven,[url=]Help you uncover the secrets of a woman chest 24 women keep[/url], avoid the abuse of drugs
Some people casually eat anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics, medicines to stop breast tenderness, it is wrong and dangerous, because you can not use localized breast tenderness steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.
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xxx ok ok
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