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Animal (44)


Animal (44)
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Focal length: 74099370.666667mm

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spring, as long as we have the heart of a fertile soil, where you can start out a spring, not near beautiful they would be beautiful to others, heart paradise, everywhere is Shuiyun, open mind can embrace the spring. Even thin cold years I have to work hard to bloom door, ready to flower blooming in the spring.Even if the past had not agreed, we have this life journeying like. A big crowd together count fate, why not put the past in the dust bearish. A look that only meet each other and that an open gate. We traveled thousands of miles as the storm is still true, because I have you with this process. How many people concerned about how much the journey; how much love in this life will be touched. Susan hear the wind, watching the petals gradually smudged, lazy and comfortable. Lanes removed in time, in the words of insanity, picking up broken language, but also the poetry of flowers Yin. Inadvertently, and text soon, let mind walking on the water clouds in the blue sky and white clouds indulge in the mountains swagger. Occasionally, a song then across a thousand mountains, come to me. "Even if the past had not agreed, we have this life journeying, etc. come together to count the vast sea of ??fate, why not put the past in the dust bearish Just for a look that encounter each other that an open gate. Weathertight go over thousands of miles still true that, because of you to accompany me away how much this something always to a certain age, if you will understand, this is the time to understand the rich given. A few days ago I passed the cell next to find a blossoming white flowers are competing to open, I then exclaimed, spring is not far away, but our cell withered flowers, and that way the flowers, a pick a really extremely beautiful, sober white flowers that, like a fairy wearing a white dress, walking in the earth, and did not dye dust, then prime elegant, quiet beauty, really extremely beautiful, not with sorrows and joys, and not have compassion, I am me, I was so sober alive, so alive and elegant. I think people can live up to such a sober, is really a blessing, as the white plum blossoms fall, said: I want to be wandering in the landscape, always focussed on the mountains of the Ya-off, and the wind Qing Yin, and the years when the song, this is the life how wonderful. Perhaps this woman, my heart always have mountains and deep water, you will not find the beginning of her charm, when you're infatuated, she has gone, leaving you with a natural fiber Ruo back. So when I go to the flower was once more the figure, she had faded, as that Su Yi woman, leaving only a beautiful silhouette. Yesterday in the library when seen in a corner of the flower, morning glory, let me thin cold heart suddenly had a little temperature, then stopped to observe carefully, think in the spring really beautiful, no matter what may be Spring, little surprise, there is always inadvertently. Living in the spring really very happy, always some beautiful flowers opening sequence, you Changba me play, let you enjoy the flowers of this event in full swing, and sometimes do not know that he is a flower or flower is part of you, tell yourself in the end is a reality or a fantasy, just know that we are in the flower feast, tasting PASSING fleeting. PASSING fleeting have nothing to fear, as long as our hearts Tibetan nice, where are the journey many people who care; How much love will be touched in this life only love two people know each other stay forever, to accompany the journey through the rain. many stories how many people miss;.. How much love would tie him in this life only love two people know each other stay forever, this life can be helped through "products TV drama soulful lyrics, listening wan soft melody, emotion again solicitation thin pen to record it bit by bit moving. Some of their minds, but also misty clouds, glide Mouguang waterfront, shake off a lovesickness. Ningmu gem of
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